Inverted Type Metallurgical Miscoscope

MCB is a compactly designed, low cost and user-friendly microscope with functions equivalent to those of high-class microscopes. It can be used in factories and laboratories for various purposes such as inspection, photographing, education of trainees, etc.

MCB-1D for use with Digital Camera and CCD video camera
Main bodyInverted type
Base8-15V (built-in) transformer for lighting; variable brightness
Optical tubeAngle of depression of viewing head: 25°
Quadruple Nosepiece (4 objectives can be mounted.)
Seidentopf type binocular unit
EyepieceNWF 10X (Field number:φ18), 2 pcs
ObjectivesMF5×, MF10×, MF20×, MF40×; 1 each
Stage up-down handleCoarse adjustment stroke: 30 mm roller way type (Rack-and-pinion movement by lever handle)
Focusing sectionFine adjustment stroke:2mm
With focus fixing stopper
Reflected illumination unit8V, 15W tungsten lamp (EL-38) with AD (aperture diaphragm) and FD (field diaphragm)
StageLarge cross movement mechanical stage with coaxial handle; X-Y moving range: 30 mm
X-Y coaxial handle (left-downward)
φ15,φ25 andφ25 (with 360°scale) stage plates: one each; sample holder
Simple polarizing unitAnalyzer: Built-in optical tube; slide insertion type
Polarizer: Insertion into the filter slot of illuminator
Photographing unit4X Camera Lens for 35 mm cameraC-mount: 0.7X TV Lens for digital camera
Polaroid Photo Unit MICAR-PB mountable (option)
OthersFilter (green and blue; one each); spare bulb
WeightApprox. 7 kg
Download PDF leaflet  MCB-1